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We ensure professional service for our customers in the scope of maintenance:

  • manufacturing spare parts and repairing the existing ones,
  • restoring production capacity at a required level,
  • increasing productivity and efficiency,
  • improving workplace safety,
  • innovativeness of applied technologies,
  • delivery of components that help maintain production activity,


Maintenance offer is intended for people responsible for production management and for project engineers in production companies of the industries like foodstuff, chemical, electromechanical etc. We offer our services also to companies with machinery stock, in need of spare parts for their machines. We produce spare parts as per provided documentation or model. Our experience and machinery stock make us capable of dealing with any situation that we face.

  • Assembly and disassembly of machines and devices
  • Mig/mag/tig welding
  • Construction of shields, casings, platforms, structural elements
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