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Laser cutting

Our company specialises in laser cutting of sheet metal. We provide services for individual customers, small enterprises and large concerns in different industry sectors. We use high-quality laser cutters that guarantee precise manufacturing of detailed parts for customers. We ensure timely delivery of orders. We prepare individual valuation of laser cutting service depending on the specification and batch volume.
Maximum size of cut metal sheet is 1500×3000mm with the following material thickness:

  • Structural steel – up to 25 mm,
  • Stainless steel – up to 12 mm,
  • Aluminium – up to 10 mm,
  • Brass, copper – up to 8 mm.

Cięcie laserem
cięcie laserem wielkopolska

Laser cutting of sheets and profiles provides countless opportunities to receive required shapes or designs. Laser fibre enables fast, cheap and reproducible processing of sheets or profiles. Structural components of machines, shields or covers are what we do on a daily basis. Machinery parts of stainless and acid-proof steel for foodstuff industry are no problem for us. Automotive, construction and decorative industries have been using our services for many years.

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